Sports Hall Višnjik

In the entire area of ​​the Sports hall Višnjik, it is possible to successfully organize large gatherings of professional and / or scientific nature, seminars, congresses, symposia, lectures and the like. Also, the comprehensive infrastructure in the Višnjik sports hall enables a very high level of holding various entertainment events, such as social games, and organized gatherings of a private nature (celebrations of family anniversaries, weddings, etc.) at any time of year.

Sports hall Višnjik has a large hall with a capacity of 8-9 thousand seats, 4 halls with a capacity of 500-700 seats, and two smaller halls, which are ideal for organizing any business events.

Such large spaces are also suitable for various fair events, and previously held tourist, agricultural, technical-technological fairs are a good reference and recommendation of the sports hall Višnjik. It is possible to organize catering for all events of any nature in the Sports center Višnjik.

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