Team building

Let us motivate together your employers to have a good time out of their recidences and working places and induce their creativity by team building activities. The KongresPlus agency is pleased to offer you various programmes for entertainment in order to strenghten your team spirit and increase contentment of your employers. Among numerous team building activities, decide upon the best for your team, taking into conselderation number of participiants, physic condition, age, sex and season.

We are offering you some proposals:

Ancient sport olympiad

Different quizes on social or natural sciences

rope pushing, bag race, stone throwing from shelder, long jump

music, film, showbiz sphere

Team cooking of ancient dalmatian dishes


competition in the preparation of old Dalmatian dishes under the bake, on the spit, boilers


Bicycle tours – mountain region

Hiking tours

bicycle tours – mountain region

walking tours along attractive coastal sites and landscaped trails

Nordic walking

Grape gathering, vintage

nordic walking

grape gathering, vintage

Wine degustation excursions

Tennis and table tennis tournaments

wine degustation excursions

tennis and table tennis tournaments

Futsal tournaments


futsal tournaments



Kayak and canoeing

Picnic excursions

kayak and canoeing

picnic excursions